A non-stock, non-profit organization, the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP) is the umbrella organization that speaks for the hospitality industry. Created in 1951, HRAP membership includes luxury, deluxe, and standard hotels, leading restaurants and food groups, schools and universities offering hotel and restaurant management courses, as well as allied industry partners. These are represented by hotel managers, restaurant owners, university deans and CEO. Within and outside HRAP are various groupings that relate to focus or departmental concerns, such as:

Association of Four & Five-Star Hotel Airport Representatives (AFSHARP)

President: Mr. Jovy San Pedro, Manila Diamond Hotel Tel: 877-1109 Local 3809

Association of Hotel Security Officers of the Philippines (AHSOP)

President: Col. Ernesto Lalog , The Heritage Hotel Tel: 854-8807

Association of Human Resource Managers (AHRM)

President: Ms. Annabelle Moreno, Cravings Bakeshop Tel: 426-9981

Council of Hotel & Restaurants Educators of the Philippines (COHREP)

President: Noemi Cancio, St. Scholastica's College Tel: 7524-7686

Executive Housekeepers Association of the Philippines (EHAP)

President: Ms. Eleonor Nilo, The Heritage Hotel Tel: 854-8888

Hotel Airport Representatives Association of the Philippines ( 3 Stars & Below) (HARAP)

President: Mr. Manuel Santos , Park Hotel Tel: 877-1109 Local 4191

Hotel & Restaurant Cost Controllers Association of the Phils. (HRCCAP)

President: Ms. Carmen Cruz, The Peninsula Manila Tel: 812-3456

Hotel & Restaurant Finance Officers Association (HARFOPHIL)

President: Mr. Danny Hermollosa, Mandarin Oriental Manila Tel: 750-8888

Hotel & Restaurant Purchasing Managers Association of the Phils. (HRPMAP)

President: Ms. Nelore Lanza, Makati Shangri-la Hotel Tel: 813-8888

Hotel Sales & Marketing Association (HSMA)

President: Ms. Maggie Garcia, Holiday Inn Manila Tel: 526-1212

Philippine Bartenders League (PBL)

President: Mr. Mutley Matilla Tel: 524-4297

Telephone Managers Association of the Phils. (TMAP)

President: Ms. Luz A. Melo, The Heritage Hotel Tel: 854-8888

As a national body, HRAP works closely with the Hotel Owners Association of the Philippines and the various regional associations of hotels and restaurants such as:

Cagayan de Oro Hotel, Resort & Restaurant Association (COHARA)

President: Ms. Eileen Escobar -San Juan (0882) 754-649

Davao Tourism Association (DATA)

President: Mr. Art Boncato (082) 227-7035

Hotel & Restaurant Association of Cagayan Valley (HRACV)

President: Ms. Teresita de Leon Tel: (078) 844-1305

Hotel & Resort, Restaurant ,Association of Dumaguete (HRRAD)

President: Youman Y. Uymatiao ((035) 225-5934

Hotel & Restaurant Association of Negros Occidental (HRANO)

President: Ms. Pat Cahili Tel: (034) 335-0251

Iloilo Hotel & Restaurant , Resort Association (IHRRA)

President: Mr. John T. Nofuente Tel;: (033) 335-0389

Regional Hotel & Restaurant Association Inc.- Reg. 8 (RHRA)

President: Mr. Roman Reyes Tel: (053) 325-7457

Tourism Industry Board Foundation, Inc. Reg. - 1(TIBFI)

President: Mr. Juan Sta. Ana, Jr. Tel: (072) 242-0793


To undertake programs and projects that will upgrade and professionalize the industry such as, but not limited to the setting up and operation of a Hotel and Tourism Institute of the Philippines

To promote unity and cooperation among those in the industry and other entities engaged in tourism, in order to protect the interest and welfare of the industry.

To encourage and foster high ethical standards in business resulting in fair and honest competition.

To provide industry representation in matters of government regulatory policies/laws/rules affecting the industry.

To exercise dynamic leadership in promoting goodwill, understanding, fellowship within the hospitality industry both national and international.

(309 Active Members; plus 363 Provincial chapter members; 618 branches of chain members)

Regular Members: 183

Hotel Division - 95

Members include duly licensed hotels, resorts, inns, apartelles, pension houses, and transport establishment with accommodation facilities and/or food and beverage services.

Restaurant Division - 88

Members include duly licensed restaurants, clubs, pubs, bistros, music lounges, catering establishments and quick service food outlets.

Allied Members - 39

Dully licensed suppliers of hotels and restaurants and other similar establishments.

Associate Members - 71

Schools offering Hotel and Restaurant Management and other tourism oriented degree courses.

Affiliate Members - 8

Juridical associations composed of professionals working in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Chapter Members - 8

Chapter organizations within the framework of the association located in any province or chartered city in the Philippines such as Davao, Bacolod, Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, and Cagayan Valley.

N.B. The 8 Chapters collectively represent some 363 establishments in the provinces.

Chain Establishments - 3

Applicable to holding companies with multiple brand names registered on a per brand name basis, either as individual or chain properties.

N.B. There are 3 Restaurant Chain members but collectively represent 618 branches nationwide.

Honorary / Life Members - 20

Persons who are invited by the Association to become such because of exceptional and outstanding contributions to the Association and to the development of the industry.

Individual Members

A person who holds a senior position (GM level) in the hotel and restaurant industry or a person (other than the GM) whose company is already an HRAP member but wishes to receive direct benefits/communications.

Hospitality Students:

Student trainee of our Associate member schools on their 4th year as an HRM student with strong academic grades, who wishes to subscribe to the HRAP Job-Referral System upon graduation. Membership is limited to one (1) year only.

Together the total HRAP Membership extends to some 1,290 establishments comprised of active members as well as provincial Chapter members and branches of chain members -


The HRAP plans and undertakes projects geared toward vocational training and manpower development along skills required by the hospitality industry.


HRAP has endorsed the IH&RA-initiated "environmental action pack" for hotel properties. HRAP has also initiated environment circles nationwide via its EMRO (Environmental management Manual for Restaurant Operators) project.


HRAP, continues to lobby in favor of greater recognition of the security of the traveling public and demand for measures to maximize traveler safety from the government.


HRAP conducts seminars, workshops and training programs to ensure the proper implementation / dissemination of new technology and procedures.


HRAP maintains high level dialogues with national policy-making bodies to promote your interests. We constantly monitor legislation coming from both the Senate and the Congress. HRAP actively resists attempts to impose regulations on the industry whenever these run contrary to hotel and restaurant interests.




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