The Blue Pyramid Design Studio provides quality services that are creative, professional and affordable. Location video coverage and event photography are some of our many specialties.
We are currently creating High Definition video, output to Blu-ray-DVD, DivX-HD and WMV-HD, we are more than ready for the future of high definition. 360 panoramic video and photgraphy, Virtual tours, Mockups for marketing and many other items.
We create high-end websites with blogs, webcasts, streaming media, 3-D custom graphics and custom titling for commercial or feature film.
Flash banners and Flash websites are in great demand with Flash technology penetrating 97% of the web market and Flash is cross-browser/cross-platform compatible for both PCs and Macs. Due to the small file sizes as well and the options for video, animation and sound, Flash is ubiquitous in the cell phone, handheld wireless networks and PDAs markets.
We can craft Virtual Reality Panoramas to display your Night Club, Hotel, Restaurant, Tourist attraction or Real Estate property.
For those businesses interested in attracting new clientele while maintaining their current customer base, we allow you to reach out in ways that are fresh and innovative. Whether its an e-mail newsletter or a full re-design of your company website, including full campaign graphics with branding and logo identification. We can help you to reach those you want to reach and in the process we make you look better than ever before!  
Our work is 100% guaranteed.
Ensuring our clients satisfaction is our #1 goal.